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Publicado: 16 enero, 2019
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Fuente: HDRip
Norma : NTSC
Audio : Ingles 5.1
Subtitulos: Español Latino
Menú : Creado

Tamaño : 4.36 GB

Blood Bound (2019) Horror, Thriller | 1h 36min | 15 January 2019 (USA) 4.9
Director: Richard LeMayWriters: Richard LeMayStars: Eden Brolin, Rosa Arredondo, Timothy HughesSummary: Every 25 years, it begins. Bound to an ancient pact, a family of unlimited power descend upon a small rural town to sacrifice 4 human lives, one being a member of their own family. The ritual begins when 18 year old Kerry, finding herself pregnant, realizes her unborn baby is the target of a sinister plot. As the months pass and people around her begin to turn up dead, she desperately searches for a way out of this unthinkable situation. The family must perform this ritual to maintain their power or die. In charge of carrying out each sacrifice as his initiation is David, a young man conflicted with his destiny. He unexpectedly begins to fall for Kerry, which weighs on his conscience as they get closer to the final sacrifice. What starts off as a thriller soon descends into the realm of horror as occult rituals and ancient pacts take hold of one girls life, binding her to a fate she cannot possibly fathom. ROSEMARY'S BABY meets DRAG ME TO HELL in this twisted and dark look into the ... Written by Source:


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