Silk.Road.2018 DVDR.Custom.HDRip.Spanish.5.1

Publicado: 14 mayo, 2019
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Silk.Road.2018 DVDR.Custom.HDRip.Spanish.5.1

Silk.Road.2018 DVDR.Custom.HDRip.Spanish.5.1

Silk.Road.2018 DVDR.Custom.HDRip.Spanish.5.1 0

Invisible.2017 DVDR.Custom.HDRip.Latino.5.1 1

Fuente: HDRip
Norma : NTSC
Audio : Castellano 5.1
Subtitulos : No Posee
Menú : Creado
Tamaño : 4.36 GB

The Silk Road (2018) Crime, Drama | 10 August 2018 (Japan)
Director: Sandu NegreaWriters: Sandu Negrea, Ray SifdolStars: Levy Tran, Shu Sakimoto, Gina HiraizumiSummary: Three interlocking stories converge to reveal a complex and tragic narrative, revolving around the development of a highly synthesized drug named "White Rabbit" in transaction through an illegal Internet trafficking system known as The Silk Road. The tragedy of humanity is set in various cultures, demonstrating how true deception, greed, and uncontrollable fate engulfs the human soul to the point of never returning to its pure origin. --- In Germany, a professional driver is set on crash course for destruction when he follows through with an international job for the French Mafia, all for the intention to clear his brother's debt with a band of notorious Loan sharks. --- An American girl in Japan copes with uncontrollable emotions for a Yakuza tailor, delving deep into the underground culture of Tokyo and her forbidden feelings of love, finding herself learning loss at a greater level than she ever conceived. --- Converging in Paris for final distribution of the "White Rabbit", a web ... Written by Anonymous


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